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Benefits of Crop-Hail and Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

  • It can improve profits in good years.

You can become a more aggressive marketer when you know you have a guaranteed minimum yield.

  • You can take it to the bank

Insurance can help you avoid the need for an emergency line of credit in a year. It can also provide your lender with collateral that can help minimize your assets (machinery and real estate).

  • It can put your money to work. You will have less need for liquid cash reserves.

  • It can protect your family.

Financial interruptions to their plans and life style due to crop losses can be avoided.

  • It can keep your plans on track.

Keeping your long term plans on track increases your credit worthiness in t community.

  • It can take the place of shrinking government programs.

  • It can help your community.

When your income is stabilized in bad crop years and maximized in good y the economy of your community is strengthened.

  • It can give you peace of mind. How much is that worth?


That's right, everyone has crop insurance, even those who don't have a crop insurance policy. Choosing not to buy insurance is called self-insurance. With self-insurance the producer elects to put 100 percent of the risk of any crop losses on himself and his family. Risk management specialists around the country agree that self-insurance is a high-risk proposition. All practical forms of crop insurance are based on transferring a portion of your production risks to an insurance company and/or the Federal government in exchange for a premium. You have several choices of crop insurance policies that offer different ways of protecting your investment.